Driving/Parking Information

Parking Information 2017 - 2018

Steps to Obtaining a Parking Pass at PHHS for Seniors, Juniors.

1. Pay all outstanding fines and no attendance infractions
2. Pay $30 for the parking pass
3. Go online to the PHHS website and complete the online test.
(Choose About our school, Driving/Parking Information, click on link to Parking Quiz)
*****This test must be completed before a parking sticker will be issued*****

To successfully get a sticker attached to their vehicle you must bring the following items with you to complete the necessary paperwork:

    Driver’s License
    Current Proof of Insurance
    Vehicle Registration (License Plate Number, name and address of whom the car is registered)
    Receipt of Payment for Parking Pass

4. Listen to announcements for the times and locations for attaching stickers to your car.

If a student sells his/her registered car or changes to a vehicle not currently registered, the student MUST remove the registered sticker and return it to the Activities Office for a replacement sticker. Returning the previous sticker will insure a replacement charge of only $1.00. Not returning the sticker could result in a new fee of $30 or denial of reissuance of a parking sticker.

Parking Lot Rules and Procedures

Driving to school is a privilege for qualified seniors and juniors. Qualifying and maintaining eligibility for a parking permit is based upon regular punctuality and attendance, no outstanding fines, completion of the PHHS Driver Safety Awareness program, and good citizenship. While the school will seek to maintain the safety of the car and its contents, authorized students must understand that they are fully responsible for their vehicle.

Students are never permitted to park in the faculty lots or in the District staff/patron parking lots from 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. The individual driver is responsible for:

  • All items located inside the vehicle
  • Successfully completing a safe driving quiz on the Park Hill High school website.
  • Paying any outstanding fines in order to acquire and maintain a parking sticker.
  • Accurately registering his/her vehicle with the school.
  • Notifying the Activities Office whenever there is a change in the registered vehicle information.
  • Knowing and observing the school's parking policies.
  • Relinquishing the parking permit at the request of an administrator.
  • Driving safely and with regard for the safety of others.
  • Entering, parking, and leaving the parking lot promptly.
  • Locking his/her vehicle.
  • Having a valid signed pass along with a campus supervisor escort to go to his/her vehicle during the school day.
  • Returning sticker to Activities Office when changing vehicles.
  • Always having a temporary sticker or permanent sticker when parked on campus.

Only students who have been approved by the Activities Office to park on campus may do so (see Tardy and Truancy Guideline for eligibility guidelines). Approval to park is made through a current registration of the driver’s vehicle and the purchase of a current student parking permit. Parking permits are $30 and are not the property of the student but are proof of registration. Parking stickers are not sold on a per term basis and are not refundable. Stickers may be purchased during registration or in the Activities Office according to parking availability and student eligibility. 

Students with outstanding fines, detentions for tardies and truancies, or previous violations related to parking will not be allowed to purchase a parking permit during registration. All first semester fines must be paid in order to acquire or maintain a parking sticker during second semester. Students with outstanding fines may request to be put on the waiting list. These students will be given consideration once qualified students have been issued parking permits and the outstanding fines and fees have been cleared and outstanding detentions have been served. Students with consequences assigned to extend into the next year will not be eligible to purchase a parking permit during registration.

Student Parking Locations

Authorized students are to park only in the student lots located west and east of the high school. Students are not allowed to park in the front or in the east faculty parking lots. No student parking is permitted in the Central Office parking lot (north of the student parking lot) during regular school hours. A map, provided to students at the time of the permit purchase, is also available in the Activities Office .

Students may not use the drive-through behind the Central Office building.  That drive-through is only for Central Office personnel. Students who use that drive-through are subject to administrative consequence and sticker revocation.

Student Parking Lot Map (PDF)

Registered Drivers Who Need a Temporary Pass

If a registered student has driven a vehicle other than the one that is registered, the student can obtain a temporary pass in the Activities Office. This pass is only for the vehicle approved by the campus supervisor or administrator.  Registered drivers may have only one vehicle on campus during the school day.  If additional temporary pass days are needed, promptly contact the Activities Office to request an extended temporary pass. There is a 50-cent charge for temporary passes.

Non-registered drivers will need to receive approval for a temporary pass through the Activities Office. It is highly recommended that students request the temporary pass at least one day before it is needed to ensure approval to park. The administration reserves the right to limit the number of temporary passes issued per day and the number of temporary passes issued to each student. The cost per day for an unregistered student is 50-cents.

If a student has a temporary injury or ailment, which requires that student to park in a handicapped-accessible space, contact the Activities Office for a temporary handicapped parking permit. This permit must be hung from the rear view mirror so it is clearly visible in the front windshield.  The student parking lot is off limits to all students during school hours except when coming to or leaving school. Students must have a valid signed pass and a campus supervisor escort to go to their vehicle during the school day.  Loitering in the parking lot will not be permitted at any time. Driving from the school grounds is not permitted during school hours unless permission is obtained from the Attendance Office.

Parking Quiz:

Parking Quiz


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