This past Saturday (Dec 2), 18 band students participated in Missouri All-State Band auditions Columbia.  The Park Hill Band students auditioned for the band, orchestra, and jazz band.  Please congratulate the following band students for their placements in the All-State program.  5 students received recognition and 3 students will be performing at the All-State Concert in January 2018. We are very proud of their work!  


Student performing in the All-State Band:

Blake Harris (11) - 2nd Chair Timpani


Students performing in the All-State Orchestra:

Jeremey Kasper (11) - 2nd Chair Percussion

Zach Howard (11) - 1st chair Timpani


Student named as All-State Band Alternate:

Molly Foster (12) - Piccolo


Student named as All-State Band Honorable Mention:

Arkadeep Ghosh (10) - 1st Chair Trombone