Vocal Music

Vocal Music

Congratulations to the students listed below on being selected to one of the KC Metro District Honor Choirs. If you see any of them please give them a word of encouragement.


SATB Honor Choir

Modlin, Katelyn                  12       Soprano

Monsees, Natalie               11       Soprano

Archer, Emily                       12       Alto

Wineinger, Grace               11       Alto

Nelson, Alex                         12       Tenor

Klann, Dylan                        12       Bass

Stevens, Trevor                  10       Bass


SSA Honor Choir

Christofferson, Trinity                   11       Soprano

Shaw, Meagan                                10       Soprano

Altic, Cora                                         11       Alto

Creason, Jerra                                 11       Alto

Umstattd, Ashtin                            10       Alto


TTB Honor Choir

Blahnik, Lucas                                 11       Tenor

Sturm, Cooper                                12       Tenor

Wojahn, Samantha                        11       Tenor

Bellof, Emerson                              10       Bass