PTA Shifting the Paradigm Workshop


April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month and the PHHS PTSA is pleased to host the Shifting the Paradigm workshop to empower youth against sexual assault on April 11th. This is a necessary discussion as the statistics are staggering. One parent made this comment after attending last year’s workshop, “…I have talked to them (her children) a lot about it because it happened to me, my mom, my brother and grandmother and I said it stops with them!” The most effective strategy is for our young people and parents to be informed.

Workshop presenters will discuss and answer questions on topics like supporting survivors, recognizing rape culture, consent, and prevention techniques. Kelsey Saragnese and Becca Anderson, prevention specialists with MOCSA, will lead the workshops. Audrey Yazell, advocate with MOCSA, will be on hand in case a student is triggered by the film, The Hunting Ground, which wil be shown during the workshop. Principal, Dr. Brad Kincheloe and Counselor, Darcy Lucas will also be on hand to respond to questions and add commentary. Dads and boys are encouraged to join this important discussion.

WHEN: April 11th                                                                                 WHERE: Media Center, Park Hill High School

Student Session: 2:45-5pm                                 Parent Session: 6-8pm                                           COST: FREE     

A variety of snacks and drinks will be provided at both sessions.

Parents. While this workshop is being offered at the high school, any student mature enough for the straight forward conversation may attend. It’s up to you to decide.

PLEASE RSVP by April 8th to or to the Evite invitation sent to all parents.

Direct any questions to the PTSA Youth Advisor, Bonnie Cannon, at


Comments from last year’s workshop attendees

Was this a good use of your time? 

Student responses: “Yes, this event was quite informative and very eye opening.”

                                    “Absolutely. I feel informed and empowered.”   

                                     “Honestly, yes. I’m glad my mom made me come.”  

                                    “I loved it. It truly was very open, and I felt like I could open up too.”

                                    “Yes because I can help my friends who are in trouble to get the help they need.”

Parent response:      “Great. The workshops were very informative”

                                    “Yes. I think my kids learned a lot from this.”

                                    “It was amazing, overwhelming, and very informative.”

                                    “It exceeded my expectations. The parent section was very open and informative. Highly

                                      recommend this for future years.”         

The mission of the PHHS PTSA is to make every child’s potential a reality.