Driving/Parking Information

Parking Information 2020-2021

Steps for obtaining a PHHS parking pass: 
In past years, we only made parking passes available to juniors and seniors due to limited parking. However, while we are in split mode, we will have less students in our building at a time and are able to offer passes for purchase to freshman and sophomore drivers. 

Keep in mind that these passes are temporary for freshmen and sophomores, and are only valid while we are in split mode. 

  1. FIRST, make sure you have no outstanding fines and pay $30 for the parking pass that has been billed to your Infinite Campus online account.

    This must be paid prior to receiving parking pass.  There will be no refunds once you pay for the pass and receive your sticker. 

  2. NEXT, come to the Activities window in the 20 hall and bring with you the following items to complete the necessary paperwork:

    • Your current Driver’s License
    • Your current Proof of Insurance
    • Vehicle Registration (Showing License Plate Number and name and address to whom the car is registered)

  3. FINALLY, you will receive your sticker to place on your vehicle window in the lower corner of the passenger inside window.

NOTE:  You are only allowed one pass per student.  The vehicle with the sticker should be the vehicle you will be driving to school. 

If you have questions, please come to the Activities window in the 20’s hallway, just east of the standing Trojan.   

Here is the online district parking test. 

Here is the map for student parking locations.

Here is our suggested parking for PHHS events. 


Activities Coordinator
Bill Erneste

Administrative Assistant
Lorrie Kopp