What is the International Thespian Society?

The International Thespian Society honors excellence for participation in high school theatre programs around the world. Any student who participates in the theatre at PHHS is eligible for membership. You do not have to be a Thespian in order to be involved in the Theatre Department – membership is earned through your participation in the theatre arts.

To be initiated, students must earn 15 points and fulfill the following criteria:
•Perform and/or work backstage on at least two PHHS productions
•Work on 2 different crews
•Any theatre experience you have after 8th grade counts – as long as you weren’t paid.
•Keep track of your participation by filling out a Thespian Point Record

What does the theatre department do?

A musical in the fall & a play in the spring
Student directed one-act plays in the spring
Homecoming parade and other activities throughout the year

Jennifer Jarman Sandau

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