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Attendance Procedures


Park Hill High School is committed to the philosophy that every student should attend every class every day.  Regular attendance and promptness are expected in all classes and are essential for success in school. Learning to participate in group discussions, developing an appreciation for the views and abilities of other students, and forming the habit of regular attendance are legitimate objectives for any course.  Learning lost due to absence can never be adequately replaced.

The attendance office procedures have been streamlined resulting in significant gains made in student attendance at the high school.  Your cooperation has been greatly appreciated. Please familiarize yourself with the procedures to ensure the continued success.

It is the responsibility of the parents to contact the attendance office and state the reason for your child's absence.  The attendance office number is 359-4111. For your convenience, a phone answering machine will be in operation at night and before school hours in the morning. Please call before 9:00 a.m. if your child will be absent from school.

Students unaccounted for will be placed on a telephone call list. The attendance office will contact those parents on the same day of the absence. If the attendance office is unable to contact parents, an automated calling machine will contact parents during the evening regarding any absence during the day. An automated message will explain the absentee situation and request parental assistance.

If parents are unable to report an absence on the day it occurs, a phone call must be provided to the attendance office on the day the child returns to school.

All students arriving late or leaving early must report directly to the attendance office.  When students leave the campus during the school day, a telephone call from the parent is required and permit secured from the attendance office.
The following information will help when you call the attendance number, 359-4111, to report an absence:

  1. Your name and relationship to the student
  2. Student's name and spelling of last name
  3. Grade of student
  4. Reason for absence
  5. Date of absence

Attendance Contacts

Lori Koch

Jessica Bogina

Attendance Number