Vision Screening

ICare4Kids - March 8th - March 19

Free Eye exams and glasses

*income based

Virtual Student:

Exams will be held at Miles of Smiles on Mondays. Fill out the online registration or call the office to schedule
Schedule online -
Call to schedule: 816-413-9009

Hybrid Students:

Dear Park Hill Families,

Through a partnership with LevelUp Kids, formerly known as Miles of Smiles, vision screening will be conducted in your child’s school for grade 9 and new students.  The LevelUp Kids vision program is called ICare4Kids.  This program provides thorough comprehensive vision screenings, free eye exams and glasses to children in the Northland.

ICare4Kids will be visiting Park Hill High School on March 8-19.  Your child will receive a vision screening from a ICare4Kinds staff member.  If you child does not pass his/her screening, you will receive information about the screening from your child’s school nurse.  For a student needing glasses, your child’s school will share resources through iCar4Kids to assure all students have access to vision resources.  The vision exam and glasses are provided for qualifying children.

If you would like to opt your child out of this screening, please notify your child’s school nurse via phone or email by March1st.

School Nurse : Sue Cole – , 816-359-4114

For any additional questions regarding this program, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Stephanie Amaya, director of Educational Programs  or 816-674-8621