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Driving and Parking Information

photo of hands on steering wheel

If you are a Junior (11th grader) or Senior (12th grader) at Park Hill High School and anticipate driving to and from school, you are required to have a PHHS student parking permit on your vehicle. The cost of a student parking permit is $30 per school year.

1.     FIRST, ensure you have no outstanding fines and pay $30 for the parking pass that has been billed to your Infinite Campus online account. 

There will be no refunds once you pay for the pass and receive your sticker. 

 2.     NEXT, come to the Lower Gym and bring the following items with you to complete the necessary paperwork:

·        Your current Driver’s License

·        Your current Proof of Insurance

·        Vehicle Registration (Showing License Plate Number and name and address to whom the car is registered)

3.     FINALLY, you will then exit the building, drive your vehicle into the circle drive where you will place your parking pass sticker on your vehicle in the lower corner of the passenger inside window.

NOTE:  You are only allowed one pass per student.  The vehicle with the sticker should be the vehicle you will be driving to school on a day-to-day basis. 

If you have questions, please come to the Activities window in the 20’s hallway, just east of the standing Trojan. 



Lorrie Kopp
Administrative Assistant