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Library Media Center

library media center

Welcome to the Park Hill High School Library Media Center!
The Park Hill Library Media Center promotes lifelong reading, learning and information literacy to enhance the school curriculum, as well as meet the individual learning needs and recreational reading interests of PHHS students and teachers.

Student Passes

Students visiting the LMC should have their school ID and an e-hall pass. When ready to return to class, don’t forget to sign out at the front desk. Signing in verifies the student’s library visit should an attendance question arise, or the student needs to be located for some reason.  


Library Book and Textbook Check Out

Books may be checked out for three weeks, with the option to renew if needed. Students will receive overdue textbook and  library book reminders via the district provided email account.

Textbooks and calculators are checked out through the Destiny library circulation system.  Before you return a textbook to your teacher, make sure you have scanned it in through the library system. IMPORTANT:  All textbooks must be returned to the library at the end of the course or students will be charged for the cost of the textbook.


A print station is located just outside the library for student printing. 

Reserve the Library

Email or stop by Mrs. Griders office to reserve library space and/or schedule lessons.  
  • South Classroom, seats 32 and includes whiteboards, projector 
  • North Classroom, seats 32 and includes whiteboards, projector
  • Back Atrium, multipurpose area seating for large groups includes projector,  three Intel Unite screens and  small group collaboration
  • Back Point, casual seating with natural light for silent reading and quiet study
  • Conference Rooms, seats 4 to 12 and is available for meetings and collaboration  


Research, Citing Sources and Tutorials 

Resources by Subject


Gateway Award Nominees

Jessica Grider

Library Media Specialist

Marlene Reuter

Library Media Assistant
Contact Ms. Reuter

library books

Library Hours:

7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. 

Library Services

The PHHS library has a helpful menu of staff and student services.

PHHS Library Services Menu

Practices Tests

ACT, SAT, ASVAB and more learning tutorials! Register at first use to save progress and results.

Practice Tests